/01 The Lure of the Sea

Mohammadreza Mirzaei

Of Sea

I was back to Caspian Sea and I saw this scene, the people who seem to be dipped into something wide and wild. What was in front of me was referring my mind to my personal believe, seeing the sea as the symbol of endless freedom. These photographs are captured in admiration of the sea, while in another way they can be my readings of my favorite poems from Yadollah Royaee’s Daryaei.

“With its waves the sea
carried the hefty weight
of roses unaccomplished. With its waves the sea –
of roses unaccomplished. May you breeze of water
bring me, for a time, to life
where waves do not shatter
and the sea’s moves do render.”

Yadollah Royee “Daryaei” / Translation: Omar Ghiani

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