/05 Animals
#5 Animals, Editorial


Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ | Cramps ‘Human Fly’ | Pixies ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ | Bonnie Prince Billy ‘Wolf Among Wolves’ | Smog ‘I Break Horses’ | Cat Power ‘Werewolf’ | Magnetic Fields ‘A Chicken With Its Head cut Off’ | David Bowie ‘Joe The Lion’ | Louis Armstrong ‘Leap Frog’ | Richard Maxfield ‘A Swarm Of Butterflies Encountered Over The Ocean’ | Steve Lacy ‘The New Duck’ | Tim Buckley ‘Dolphins’ | Neil Young ‘Birds’ | Leonard Cohen ‘Bird On The Wire’ | Nick Drake ‘Bird Flew By’ | Robert Wyatt ‘Heaps Of Sheeps’ | Van Morrison ‘Listen To The Lion’ | Syd Barrett ‘Octopus’ | Tim Hardin ‘Black Sheep Boy’ | Bert Jansch ‘The Black Swan’ | Anne Briggs ‘Clea Caught A Rabbit’ | Linda Perhacs ‘Dolphin’ | Judee Sill ‘Tha Lamb Ran Away With The Crown’ | Vashti Bunyan ‘Pink Sugar Elephants’ | Red Crayola ‘Kangaroo?’ | Captain Beefheart ‘China Pig’ | Ornette Coleman ‘Bird Food’ | Sister Rosetta Tharpe ‘Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread’ | Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Freebird’ | Rolling Stones ‘Little Red Rooster’ | Don Cherry ‘Eagle Eye’ | Modern Lovers ‘I’m Natures Mosquito’ | Blondie ‘A Shark In Jets Clothing’ | Patti Smith ‘Space Monkey’ | Charlie Parker ‘Blue Bird’ | Jefferson Airplane ‘White Rabbit’ | Damned ‘Don’t Cry Wolf’ | Roscoe Holcomb ‘Fox Chase’ | Gun Club ‘ Walkin’ With The Beast’ | X ‘The Hungry Wolf’ | Fuzztones ‘I’m The Wolfman’ | Julian Cope ‘Reynard The Fox’| Death In June ‘All Pigs Must Die’ | Wire ‘ Ex Lion Tamer’ | Elvis Costello ‘King Horse’ | Tom Waits ‘Rain Dogs’ | Howlin’ Wolf ‘I’m The Wolf’ | Electric Eels ‘Jaguar Ride’ | Sonics ‘Walkin’ The Dog’ | Davy Graham ‘Blue Monk’ | Nick Cave ‘Thirsty Dog’ | Lou Reed ‘Hop Frog’ | Beastie Boys ‘Brass Monkey’ | Black Sabbath ‘War Pigs’ | Swans ‘Black Eyed Dog’ | Green On Red ‘Hair Of The Dog’ | Primus ‘Tommy The Cat’ | Yo La Tengo ‘Season Of The Shark’ | Young Marble Giants ‘Zebra Trucks’ | Low ‘Dinosaur Act’ | Django Reinhardt ‘Tiger Rag’ | Morphine ‘Sharks’ | Evan Parker ‘The Snake Decides’ | Peter Gabriel ‘Shock The Monkey’ | Lee Scratch Perry ‘Return Of Super Ape’ | Elvis Presley ‘Tiger Man’ | Rufus Thomas ‘Funky Chicken’ | Scritti Politti ‘Lions After Slumber’ | Specials ‘Monkey Man’ | Pere Ubu ‘All The Dogs Are Barking’ | Screaming Jay Hawkins ‘Alligator Wine’ | Clouddead ‘Dead Dogs Two’ | Swell Maps ‘Elephant Flowers’ | Squeeze ‘Cool For Cats’ | David Sylvian ‘God’s Monkey’ | Big Black ‘Fish Fry’ | Melvins ‘Lovely Butterfly’ | Fugazi ‘Foreman’s Dog’ | Jane’s Addiction ‘Pig’s In Zen’ | Jesus Lizard ‘Monkey Trick’ | Daniel Johnston ‘Walking The Cow’ | Eels ‘Lone Wolf’ | Beck ‘Paper Tiger’ | Beta Band ‘Dogs Got A Bone’ | Third Eye Foundation ‘Half A Tiger’ | Stone Roses ‘Elephant Stone’ | Belle And Sebastian ‘Judy And The Dream Of Horses’ | Arab Strap ‘New Birds’ | Massive Attack ‘Butterfly Caught’ | White Noise ‘Firebird’ | Les Baxter ‘Zebra’ | Gastr Del Sol ‘Black Horse’ | John Coltrane ‘Lazy Bird’ | David Axelrod ‘ The Fly’ | Moondog ‘Sea Horse’ | Animal Collective ‘We Tigers’ | Xiu Xiu ‘Mouse Toy’ | Nine Inch Nails ‘Piggy’ | Coil ‘All The Pretty Little Horses’ | Current 93 ‘Passing Horses’ | Silver Apples ‘Whirly-Bird’ | Brian Eno ‘Little Fishes’ | Blind Lemon Jefferson ‘Rabbit Foot Blues’ | Richard Youngs ‘Fire Horse Rising’ | Drexciya ‘Sea Snake’ | Skeleton Crew ‘Dead Sheep’ | Fred Frith ‘Birds’ | Can ‘Sing Swan Song’ | A Certain Ratio ‘The Fox’ | Arthur Russell ‘Rabbit’s Ear’ | Igor Stravinsky ‘Firebird’ | Olivier Messiaen ‘Catalogue D’Oiseaux’ | John Cage ‘Litany For The Whale’ | Michael Chapman ‘Rabbit Hills’ | Robbie Basho ‘Voice Of The Eagle’ | John Fahey ‘Lion’ | Cannibal Ox ‘Pigeon’ | Trans Am ‘Bad Cat’ | Gonjasufi ‘Sheep’ | Link Wray ‘Run Chicken Run’ | Johnny Cash ‘Dirty Old Egg-Suckin’ Dog’ | Charley Patton ‘Bird Nest Bound’ | John Zorn ‘Cobra’ | Pierre Henry ‘La Reine Et Les insectes’ | John Butcher ‘Swan Style’ | Raymond Scott ‘The Penguin’ | Nancy Sinatra ‘Lady Bird’ | R.L. Burnside ‘Snake Drive’ | Hugo Race ‘The Serpent Egg’ | Vaselines ‘The Day I Was A Horse’ | Okkervil River ‘Black Sheep Boy’ | Vic Chesnutt ‘Teddy Bear’ | Don Caballero ‘Chief Sitting Duck’ | Sebadoh ‘The Freed Pig’ | Tv On The Radio ‘Love Dog’ | P.I.L. ‘Albatross’ | Destroy All Monsters ‘Bird Song Of Detroit’ | Lounge Lizards ‘Sharks’ | Jimmy Smith ‘The Cat’ | Sun Ra ‘Lady Bird’