/05 Animals

Johan Rosenmunthe


‘Transmutations’ is a look at the dialectical relationship between culture and nature. A study of bestial connotations of human gestures and poses, and it questions how much originates from the animal in us. It is a look into the attitude of the young generations and the relationship between staging and substance. The project includes photographs of stuffed animals photographed at the Museum of Natural History in New York.

Their postures are carefully orchestrated by humans. Rosenmunthe attempts to create a connection between the visible world and the mental imagination, between the concrete and the imaginary. The book encourages people to use the physical images of animals and humans to understand their internal relation between these two points of transmutations. Rosenmunthes pictures can be seen as visual transmutations – bastards of light and interference. They are jumps in style and expression, and evidence of a personal investigation.