/04 Traces

Matilde Soligno

Reaching the Distance

“Reaching the Distance” investigates the criticalities in the experience of intimacy, by playing with the motif and imageries of women’s portraiture.
Extreme closeness is uneasy and charming at the same time – just think of that of love, both romantic and parental. Experience, and therefore memory, are also characterized by a counterposition: they can be punctual and reliable, but also unven and subjective. Photography itself has its power in giving back an image of reality, so we can keep it in time, and challenge the ephemeral nature of experience. My focus is on making these counterpositions visible.
Another controversial point is the one involving the representation of the human face. Today it’s difficult for everyone to distance ourselves from the “official” way of looking at our bodies, especially when they start to show aging signs. For present-day, inhuman canons, every trace of history or disharmony is a “flaw” to be modified, corrected, negated. I chose to represent my subjects without hiding their actual features. By referring to past-times imageries of women’s portraiture, so ever-changing and diverse, I don’t want to set another canon, but to point out a very simple but often forgotten truth – that beauty lies in the gaze, not only in what you see.