/04 Traces

Raimond Wouda

On Scale

Photography offers us an interesting tool to observe our behaviour in the world we live in and give meaning to it. Although explanations most of the times can not be verified there is a deep urgent need to do so. The series “ On Scale “ was made during travels throughout Europe and shows landscapes, mostly from an observing high point of view, in which I was researching the complexity of social and cultural meanings represented in the scenery and it’s context. Normally my work has been outlined by the subject, which is in most case a human micro-cosmos but for this series I just took the car and drove until I found a scenery which fascinated me because of it’s mysterious and staged character. The formal aspects of the image are referring to the well-known formal aspects of the postcard but its content doesn’t seem to fit with the expectations from the viewer. What remains is a landscape-scenery which doesn’t want to give explanations but just shows us the enigmatic and complex world we live in.