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Taylor Glenn

Gaper Fools

Gaper – |ˈgāpər| – noun

1 A person who stares, typically in amazement or wonder.
2 A skier or snowboarder who sucks and is usually spotted wearing 80’s style clothing
3 A beginner skier or snowboarder who has no clue as to what they’re doing on the mountain.

Each year at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming there is a day of celebration to commemorate the end of the ski season. This event marks the passing of the resort’s winter season and is a time for the community to come together for one last party before the snow gives way to Spring. This celebration takes place on April 1st, also known as April Fool’s day. The theme of the event is characterized by the term Gaper which is a word to define basically any skier or person who is a tourist, who is not an experienced skier or snowboarder, and/or who wears out-dated fashion while skiing. With this in mind, revelers take to the slopes wearing vintage ski clothing and equipment or some type of creative costumes that either poke fun at the Gapers or are just plain ridiculous. The festivities take place throughout the entire ski resort and at the close of lift operations congregate at the mountain base for a full blown dance party. For the uninitiated it is quite a scene to behold and for the locals of Jackson it is yet another way to celebrate the mountain lifestyle and a great season of sport.

Taylor Glenn is a photographer and educator based in beautiful Jackson, WY.