/12 River

Julia Borissova

What hides the river

This is part of a project I did over the course of a couple of years in Russia at Volga river.

in the 30’s of the last century during the construction of Rybinsk and Uglich hydrosystem and filling of the reservoir a 4 6oo sq. km area was under water. 140 churches and monasteries, 800 villages, 3 cities have taken with them under water a lot of mysteries. One of them: Why during the evacuation from the flooded area, some people refused to leave their homes and prefered to die? I think I felt an urge to to make this project because I could not comprehend it. I felt the need to interpret it to get a better understand and accept the fact that has happened here.

The final series and the book are the result of a mix of all these works.