/13 Vietnam

Joël Tettamanti

Thank Long

In ‘Thang Long’ you seem to be interested in geography, in other words the landscape and its influence upon its inhabitants. Could you comment?
Thang Long is the name of the old city in Hanoi. I felt that it was a good title to talk about the link between the past, the present and the future. The nature has disappeared and the Landscape is the significant of the globalized world.
How did you choose the locations that you photographed in these series and what motivated you to include people in these images? What were the reactions of the people you were photographing to you when you were in Vietnam? Please explain their story. What drew you to photograph them?
I did this series of pictures a very long time ago, so I am not so sure to remember all the details about the people and their own stories. But to be honnest, I have no particular feelings about the people that I shoot. For me they belong to the Landscape, they are there and I want to include them. I am also part of it when I am photographing.

On the other hand, it’s really nice to know more, what are the problems they have to deal with, the complications, the changes they have to deal with. Politics take decisions, populations has to do something with it. Maybe I should combine my work with someone who writes in the future, to be in a more “documentary” work?

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