/18 Family

Francois Coquerel


I started working on this series during my summer vacations a couple of years ago, in a village where a part of my family comes from. It’s a traditional countryside, with small fields, deserted family houses and a wide and dark river where we go swimming every day.

This series is a sort of variation around the traditional «lost paradise» theme, but also an observation of those teenagers experimenting their first experiences of freedom. It’s all about collaborating with them, spend some time amongst them and see how they react to the photo camera as a mirror. This is a work in progress anyway, and i might continue working on this series in a near future. I’m not sure i will ever finished this series though, it’s an open subject, always evolving, especially since the place doesn’t evolve at all, except in between the seasons. So i’d say it’s a perfect place to take picture and try to go deeper and deeper because you’re pretty sure you can’t be distracted by the novelty of what’s around you.