/18 Family

Lek Kiatsirikajorn

As Time Goes By

I came back home in 2008, after seven years of study and work in England. I found my parents are a lot older than the last time I saw them. Their bodies are worn out in our house which is decaying. It is said that our body is the house of our soul. So, I am uselessly watching the houses of their souls gradually dilapidated together with this house we have been living in. Our house can be refurbished or even reinforced from time to time, but there are no these options for the houses of their souls.

To me, this project is a psychological therapy through the photography process. I started photographing my parents to reduce the continuing guilt in my mind, and to tell myself at least I do something for them after years of neglect. It is also to remind myself about the hours we have left to spend together. The more I photograph them the clearer I see myself. I flew away for 6,000 miles. I have searched for my soul for several years in a foreign land, just to find it has always been at home in front of my camera.