/17 Food

Jonathan Blaustein

The Value of a Dollar

Since 2008, on the eve of the Great Recession, I’ve used the same artist statement for “The Value of a Dollar.” So why not change things up?

It’s fair to say I was intrigued at the idea of using food as a visual language through which I could examine important issues in the 21st Century. Chief among them was whether healthy food has become a luxury item, (10 blueberries for a buck?) and whether certain elements of the Globalized Economy make any sense at all? (48 Spanish tea biscuits shipped across the planet for $1?)

The pictures have managed to creep into a wider consciousness, which is great. Deep down, though, I still wonder why people buy all those Big Macs, when they know they’re being duped by crafty, well-paid adverstisers in high-rise buildings.