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Lorenzo Vitturi

Dalston Anatomy

First published as a book in 2013, this multi-faceted project centres around East London’s Ridley Road Market. As a local resident Vitturi witnessed the community, economy and the very make-up of this street market being transformed at an accelerating pace. The project stems from his compulsion to collect and distill the area’s distinctive nature before it is gentrified beyond recognition.

Vitturi began creating makeshift sculptures in his studio from objects found in the market including fruits, vegetables, fabrics and miscellaneous tokens and trinkets. Some objects were used as found, others left to mature or rot and some doused with pigment. The objects were arranged into various compositions and set against the backdrop of discarded market materials. Photographed before, and occasionally after their collapse, the ephemerality of these structures mirrors the daily rhythm of the market.

The still-lives are accompanied by street scenes and portraits of people he encountered on his daily walks. Some of these photographs are included as straight images while others are used as surfaces to be layered with objects and rephotographed.