/16 Iran

Shahriar Tavakoli

Mountain Graffiti

Since I was a kid in our family travels I was always attracted to the writings on mountains or the bizarre forms made by trees and stones on them. In my young innocent thoughts I couldn’t figure out how those gigantic forms were shaped on the body of a hard rock, I was amazed by the crown which the king had ordered to be made of jungle trees on way of Rasht. Even now, after thirty years I’m still puzzled by these forms, I’m still in awe. I still don’t get the process of these designs, my grown up self is still thinking about how people can leave the traces of their desires (political, religious or commercial) on the body of nature, on a mountain so far away and wound it so bad to stay there for a long long time where only time and rain and snow can wash it out. Where does this greed of humanity to OWN things end? Who will define it?

Translated from Persian by Kiana Farhoudi