/19 Australia

Simone Rosenbauer

Small Museum

SMALL MUSEUM investigates the individual encountering of 41 small museums and their caretakers, throughout rural Australia, culminating in a body of collective imagery and conversations. The research, spanning in total, three years, crosses Australian States and Territories, mapping and tracing unique collections and archives, attests to both visually and through transcribed interviews, the human imperative to collect, archive, display and sustain objects and information for public consumption. Throughout Australia, SMALL MUSEUM proliferate, when classified and intended for the local community and historical preservation or the commemorating of an event or trauma, particularly in a country such as Australia, where the human diaspora and issues of colonisation are considered and experienced.

The archive of SMALL MUSEUM consists of 41 small museums & interviews, 6 categories (BUILDING, PEOPLE, COLLECTION, STILL LIFE, PORTRAIT, OBJECT) and 7 states.