/20 Night

Yang Yongliang

The Night of Perpetual Day

(HD Video) 4 Channel 8’30’’

Making good use of photography, recording, art installation, and painting, Chinese photographic artist Yang Yongliang delivers a full range of artist works, achieving harmony in seemingly contradictory elements. Equipped with excellent photographic skills, Yang strikes a balance between various elements, introducing innovation in the Chinese legacy to break with tradition. Yang’s works are widely collected in world famous museums. As a part of Yang’s “Moonlight” video recording series, “The Day of Perpetual Night” is presented in four screens. Different from usual photographs which depict only one specific transient moment, “The Day of Perpetual Night” illustrates the subtle flow of time, conveying the complexity of time and space. People who look into the video will experience an illuminating and flourishing urban night which expands vastly and enormously.