/22 Outer spaces

Tereza Zelenkova

Night is also a sun

The Disinherited

Gérard De Nerval

I am the man of shadows, – the widower, – the unconsoled,
The Prince of Aquitaine of the ruined Tower:
My only Star is dead, – and my starry lute
Carries the black Sun of Melancholy.
In the night of the Tomb, You who consoled me,
Give me back Posilipo and the Italian sea,
The flower which pleased my desolate heart,
And the trellis where the Vine and the Rome are united.
Am I Cupid or Phebus? … Lusignan or Biron?
My forehead is still red from the kiss of the Queen;
I have dreamed in the Grotto where the mermaids sing…
I have twice crossed the Acheron, victorious:
Modulating by turns on Orpheus’ lyre
The sighs of the Saint and the calls of the Fairy.