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Lorenzo Castore

Ewa & Piotr

In these photos you can see Ewa and Piotr Sosnowski; they are brother and sister and live together since the death of their father, some years ago. Ewa and Piotr's family was well-off, then they lost everything. There are many things that led to this situation, but I don't want to spell out too much. I don't want to relate their personal history just through my words or rational interpretations. The photos of their childhood, my shots of the time we spent together and a film (co-directed with Adam Cohen) will say what is necessary (?) to say in a way that is true to the material; to their lives. And so we also reinvent, because the truth is not literal but absolute, everywhere. The story of a world in two rooms. Just a story. Ewa and Piotr know how to laugh and let others laugh, they have culture, elegance and sensitivity. They are not pathetic. They have got what they have got. Life is unique and sometimes is odd. Piotr says it isn't.