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Ingvar Kenne

The Ball

The Ball (2015-2017)

Bachelor and Spinsters Balls take place across rural Australia, events originally designed to overcome distance; formalised social congregations providing an opportunity for locals to meet potential life partners. Over time formality has dissolved into chaos, anarchy and an urge to disconnect from the established.

Today B&S balls are symptomatic of apathy towards times gone and indeed what lies in the future. How do we authentically relate to the past? And how does this inform our identity, our traditions and the way in which we belong. And without that clear connection back in time, can we form an idea of what the future behold?

In The Ball the steadfast pattern of confusion and disorder begin to reveal something else entirely. The chaos becomes both a representation and a metaphor for living only in the now with an intensity that perhaps suggests that life is forever and neither yesterday or tomorrow matter.

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