/31 Psychotic Reactions

Rafael Arocha


In this photographic work night-time is the stage on which courtship becomes almost a ritual. MEDIANOCHE (2014) refers to a fleeting moment - a line that divides one moment in time from another. It is then that a transformation happens, a metamorphosis and an instinctive drive offers us the opportunity to show ourselves less ordinary.
With these images, events, often unnoticed, are viewed to reflect common obsessions and fantasies. It refers to us to known scenarios and situations where communication uses non-verbal codes. The bar, the club… become the scene of our performance, the search space. The place where the gesture, the corporality, the movement are interpreted individually, warning of intimate desires and desires.
MEDIANOCHE is a reflection of the nocturnal experience, of the gaze of the passive subject who obsessively observes the events that he would like to star in. It recreates the state of observation that induces us the desire to get closer to the other.

Instagram: rafael_arocha