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Yusuke Yamatani

Tsugi no yoru e

I became an adult in the 2000's but what I like was always from the Past times. I sometimes forget what age I live in. I feel this is why I want to find timelessness in my photography. I want to find out what is a timeless value for us humans. I began to photograph at the age of 22. Before that I was doing punk band. And then, I left Tokyo and traveled to around Japan to learn about photography. In 2010, I wanted to re-connect with my old friends and band mates, as a photographer. That is because they were like myself living in a world in between the things from the past and today. I moved to an old friend's house that lived in Osaka, and I went out to music venue and street every night to have fun with my new friends. The photographs I took at that time, of myself and my friends, became the my first series "Tsugi no yoru e"

Instagram: Yusuke_Yamatani