/01 The Lure of the Sea

Mélanie Bahuon

A Little Beyond The Horizon

“Atmosphères. From Odessa to Kertch, on the shore sides of the Baltic Sea, from sea to earth, in Jurmala or the Tallinn suburbs, Melanie Bahuon carries a unique eye which is surprisingly questioning the wonders and the finiteness of the world. Her eye, looking “a little beyond the Horizon”, at the tips of unnamed territories or in the depths of hostile seas, it travels across the universe and its elements, scattered by discrete human traces. Naming neither the lands nor the shores, Melanie’s eye wonders in the vastness, reuniting the antipodes and takes us in a mind journey tinted with melancholy. What is it to guess beyond the perspective and the textures? In the chaos of the crosses of the sanctuary of Kriziu Kalnas? To which travels the whale of Peter Café sport from Horta, compulsory stop over for the world’s sailors is inviting us? In a colourful and poetic mastering of the medium format Melanie Bahuon is humbly questioning planet earth, and beyond, mankind.”

Arnaud de La Bouillerie