/05 Animals

Kim Boske

Decay can be very slow

My investigation concerns itself, both in its content and visually, with the network of the Time system. This Time system intrigues me in all its possible shapes and forms. To me reality is an unlimited field of differentials that move disorderly alongside each other and together form the unity of being. I am fascinated with a reality and a way of thinking that presents itself more as “becoming” rather than “being”.

In our experience of nature it has become difficult to extinguish between the artificial and the genuine. The world as we know it consists mainly of simulacra, of whose relationship to reality we are unsure, if they even have any. Reality has merged with its mimicry in a game of different levels and intensities.

In this series I portray stuffed animals. I went to several natural history museums across Europe in search of stuffed animals “relocated” in their natural habitat. The dioramas are like small, isolated worlds in which time seems to have solidified. It is as if their existence is placed out of time.

The frozen moment is built up out of several layers of reality and time. For instance, a painted background is often used in which the animals take their position. The skins of the animals have been filled with different materials to make them come to life. Their eyes are made of plastic. The landscape surrounding them contains both real and artificial plants. It is a piece of self-created history, a time frame constructed in retrospect.