/03 The Colour of Memory

Rachel Wolfe

90,000 Miles on I-90

The necessity for balance and analysis of my human experience stems from the interest I take in the dualities and polarities in a given space. That which underlies or unifies beyond the frame is the narrative I look to construct and explore. The real and imagined interplay as the two halves to a whole, creating the dialogue, story or space between the two. Intuited energy, dreams, abstracted thoughts encourage me live as a medium for messages I cannot fully intellectualize but can visualize and explore in the making of and interpreting of the finished work. My ongoing exploration of the seasons I physically and emotionally weather create my preferences for subtle symbolism. I strive to represent unseen and tangible forces as I look to open myself to new worlds of possibility and make work that reflects and questions those discoveries.
90,000 Miles On I-90 / 2008-2010 / The photographs in 90000 Miles are the visual half of a nonlinear narrative. The book includes poetry and chronicles a specific window of time in my life. The story is familiar to many growing up during the twenty and twenty-first century transition, but unique as I literally led my life between two worlds, half in the country, half in the city and somewhere alongside the highway that would eventually bind the experiences that create the foundation of who I became in my adult life.