/08 Works

Luca Vecoli

The Care

For several months, I watched a daughter as she took care of her mother. The sudden break in family life that was caused by the illness, disrupted normal emotional relationships. The bond between mother and daughter becomes hard work and a total commitment requiring constant dedication, because it must cope with shortages in health care. On some occasions, the affection for the mother is not enough to sustain the effect. It is necessary to transform the relationship into a process that is at times mechanical, but necessary. The photographs show the length of time that elapses between the loving care that the mother shows for the children and the care that she needs today. The story of this relationship between the mother and daughter is also the story of the hard work that women face on so many occasions, surrounded by male figures that often prefer other work commitments and which are socially recognized as such.

Experience and the photograph

My photographs deal with an aspect of our existence: the passing of time and the emotions associated with this. At the same time, I explore the very nature of photography, which to some extent freezes images in time and allows us to revisit them and to deepen our relationship with them. The aspect of going back to look at past emotions constitutes one of the main themes of my photographic work and is perhaps the main spring that propels me to photograph. Through photography, I can encounter a variety of situations/things: the mother-daughter relationship, parents and children, the home, illness, old age, time, the photograph, the family, light, work. I believe that photography reaches its maximum documentary potential when to some extent, by exposing of the specific, it sets off in us an emotion and experience that is part of us. In this sense, there is no need for many images. I think that where photographs, “come together” in the right way, they are very charged and full of meaning, which is something that is constantly being overwhelmed by the constant flow of images to which we are subjected today.