/14 Portraits

Jen Davis


In this body of work, I deal with the insecurities associated with my body image and the direct correlation between self-perception and the way one is perceived by others. Photography is the medium that I use to tell my story through life, an outlet for revealing my struggles and thoughts in regards to the society in which we live. A society that dictates beauty based on ones appearance.

I have built a relationship between the camera and myself where I transform the act of taking a photograph into a performance for the camera. My work is partially based on personal experiences that I have re-constructed into a photograph, and the other part consists of made up fantasies of what I imagine a physical relationship to be regarding intimacy, love and desire.

Through the act of photographing I invite the viewer into the past eleven years of my private life, exploring the vulnerabilities that I carry associated with a life-long struggle with my body, feelings of isolation, the battle to recognize beauty, a quest for intimacy, and sense of acceptance through the camera’s eye.