/14 Portraits

Gustavo Lacerda


“For some years, albinism and its peculiar beauty arouse my attention. Since the beginning of 2009 I have been researching the universe of albinos and trying to bring them to the front of the camera. I chose the posing portrait in studio, valuing and seeking to mystify the production process: costumes, hair/makeup and backgrounds. The idea was to put them clearly in the forefront, as a protagonist, a new situation for those who have always been an outsider. This focus has caused them discomfort in the beginning, a certain strangeness to most of those portrayed but, at the same time pride, too. Capture this mix of opposite feelings with fidelity has been a major challenge and there arises the essence of the work.

In november ALBINOS will be presented in USA, in Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago).”