/11 Wealth

Hin Chua

They called me a corporate whore

These images were made when I was an employee of a large multinational investment bank in the City of London, during the height of the pre-crisis financial boom.

From an article in the Observer newspaper:

Shaun Springer, chief executive of Napier Scott, the financial head hunter based in the City, said he was hoping to pick up a bit of business over the next few weeks as staff at Lehman and other troubled banks looked for new berths; but he knows that the golden age of the City is over.
“What we are living through now will reverberate through the rest of the century in the same way the Great Depression did last century. We are witnessing a very real power shift. Money is moving eastwards – while they’re creating wealth, we’re losing it hand over fist. Where it ends no one knows. London has enjoyed an unprecedented decade of global dominance. Let’s hope people took lots of photos to look back on in the years to come.”