/21 Crime

Irina Werning

Un Misterioso Asesinato en Buenos Aires. 1940

Buenos aires 1940. Fortuna Nazar Anchorena and Judas Escalante married three years ago. Fortuna has just inherited her uncles fortune, the richest man in Argentina, and Judas wants to kill her. They arrive home after a cocktail. Digna Sanchez, the housekeeper, awaits them. She wants to kill someone.

They dine. Judas gets “loquito” with the knife. Hes got plans for his wife tonight. Digna also got some plans. Fortuna manages to escape. They run around the house like cat and dog. Fortuna fights back till the very end and eventually dies in the bathroom strangled. Judas washes up and heads downstairs. A little cheeky monkey comes in through a window into the house, oh the little excentiricties of the high class can sometimes kill you…monkey plays around with Digna’s poison and she also drops dead. As judas comes down the stiars our little cheeky monkey eats a banana and judas slips on the peel. A bit of his own medicine. Same for digna. Well. All dead by now, police comes in. Inspects the premises: CASE DISMISSED. NOT RESOLVED.