/21 Crime

Tom Hull

Guns. Still. Lives

“There was a child wanted the moon shot off the sky,
asking a long gun to get to the moon,
to conquer the insults of the moon,
to conquer something, anything,
to put it over and win the day,
To show them the running of the world was all in guns.
There was a child wanted the moon shot off the sky.
They dreamed… in the time of guns… of guns.

Taken from ‘Long Guns’ by Carl Sandburg.

“Made whilst visiting Los Angeles, and using my best British accent to convince the clerk at the gun range, I was gifted access to photograph the weapons.
It still amazes me that the US refuses to tighten up it’s gun laws and in fact, it’s exceedingly simple for even someone from outside the States to get their hands on a lethal weapon. I produced these as a reaction to the vastly rising levels of gun crime in the UK, whilst reflecting on the seemingly ‘normal’ process of handling guns in the US.”