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Federico Ciamei

Travel Without Moving

Travel Without Moving is a book about the adventures of great explorers, extracted from the pages of voyagers’ journals, reports of merchants, biologists, missionaries and told by my photos.

The book is divided into nine stories, They are set in different eras and places in the work, like Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest, the peaks of Torres del Paine in Chile, the Underwater Prairie of the Red Sea. By searching on libraries online, I found out about stories of travels, explorations, conquest or fantasy which happen to occur in each of these places. The book is made up of the photographs that I took which all refer to these stories.

As in Marco Polo’s Travels, the incipit of the book guarantees the truth of all the stories and the facts which he will tell us about.

“Take this Book and cause it to be read to you. For ye shall find therein all kind of wonderful things according to the description of this traveller, as he saw with his own eyes. Some things indeed there be therein which he beheld not; but these he heard from men of credit and veracity. And we shall set down things seen as seen, and things heard as heard only, so that no jot of falsehood may mar the truth of our Book, and that all who shall read it or hear it may put full faith in the truth of all its contents.”
Marco Polo, circa 1298

The book was designed by Alberto Moreu and published by Skinnerboox in May 2016.