/25 Altered landscape

Joachim Brohm

State of M

“With his project ‘State of M.’ that turns towards modernism and Bauhaus architecture, photographer Joachim Brohm points with his camera into history. The letter ‘M’ in the title alludes to modernism and to the name of Mies (van der Rohe).

Brohm’s view strives for a connection to the past without denying the temporal distance. Within his photographic evaluation of selected buildings worldwide he seeks to track down the modern impulse and to capture it in his photographs. Conceptually, he encounters the myth of modernism that has been persisting for decades with the means of his own generation, with the photography and the architecture of the Bauhaus provoking as much as accompanying his camera’s gaze. The groundbreaking innovations, especially for the development of photography and particularly by the Bauhaus, become a foil for the discussion of the same medium.”

Text: Kunstmuseum Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg 2016