/23 Japan

Kiyoji Otsuji


“For example, when you discover or give meaning to an object, for the first time, that object begins to exist in your consciousness. That is to say, you begin to see it. Therefore, if there were an object void of any meaning, it would be an invisible object. In that case, what is it that we are lookting at now? lf you say you saw something, what was it that you saw? That is, if there are some things that remain invisible even if you are looking. Before seeking an answer to such questions or as a means to find an answer, the photographer begins by thoroughly examining what appears on the focusing screen. Having done so, once the photograph is printed, if he finds something that had escaped his eye, he rejoices in surprise”

Kiyoji Otsuji, Mono ni Kakawaru Takanashi Yutaka no Fukai Dosatsu (Yutaka Takanashi’s Profound Discernment Regarding Objects), Asahi Camera Bessatsu Gendai no Shashin ’76 (Special lssue of Asahi Camera: Contemporary Photographs ’76)(Asahi Shimbunsha. 1976), p 961