/26 Habitare

Sebastian Keitel

Home II

In 2000, the presidential candidate of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada proclaimed the plan to build two million houses for low income people during his presidency. On the eve of his election Fox announced: "My presidency will be remembered as the era of social housing." Overnight settlements of 20000-60000 identical houses shot from the ground. In these places, the development is reduced on the construction of houses. There are almost no public services such as schools, parks and transportation systems and hardly any commercial structures, such as banks and Grocery stores. Nevertheless, the demand for low income houses is increasing, what drives the construction companies to an extreme effectiveness. During the presidency of Vicente Fox, 2.35 million homes were built. That’s an average of 2,500 per day and this trend has continued until today. The enforced uniformity of the homely environment compels the viewer to search for signs that indicate the presence of human individuality, which is reduced in a frightening way.