/27 Machine

Mattia Balsamini


In February of 2017 I was invited to photograph a selection of departments and laboratories at MIT in Boston for WIRED Italia. This portfolio presents a selection of the images created during that week with a multi-faceted approach, combining still life pictures, studio portraits, and landscapes to weave a story about each project.

In Balsamini's photographs work is incredible energy that has the strength - although much of the images are a silent - to unite and liberate, to push the future and keep a bond with the past. And Mattia almost seems to confess a slight embarrassment when stating that "photography is a noble job even if it does not produce anything." True, the photographer's hand does not produce complex technology, or microprocessors or robots – Yet the photographer's hand has created the sense of work and the sense of belonging to the community of those who work. A familiar community of craftsmanship, such as the homo faber family.