/31 Psychotic Reactions

Fabio Sgroi

Palermo 90

New Book February 2021

"We were, you could say, the lowlifes: completely marginal in the complex dynamics of a city that was infamous for being immediately and universally identifiable with certain characteristics, a city feared but not respected, rejected for being different and occult. It's not easy to describe that drift, that search for who knows what, that restless agitation in the belly of what we took for a carcass but was instead a beast, very much alive albeit close to slaughter."

Rodan Di Maria

Palermo 90, Fabio Sgroi
Union Editions

Credit photographs © Fabio Sgroi.

24 x 32 x 1,3 cm
144 Pages
170gr Glossy Paper
Offset Print
Cover: Green Fluo Pantone + Black Silkscreen Printing
Language: IT/EN
Produced by Chiara Pietropaoli

Edition of 300

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Instagram: fabio_sgroi.photograph