/31 Psychotic Reactions

Lucy Levene

Come and Be My Baby

These images were taken in an Edinburgh nightclub in 2001, when I was the appropriate age to be visiting such places, armed with a Hasselblad, a Metz and a mis-remembered quote from a Charles Baudelaire's Essay;

"The true painter" would be one who "proves himself capable of distilling the epic qualities of contemporary life, and of showing us …how great we are, how poetic we are, in our cravats and our polished boots" from 'The Salon of 1846: On the Heroism of Modern Life', Charles Baudelaire

The series is titled 'Come and Be My baby' after a Maya Angelou poem of the same name.

I would never shoot this way now and feel that these were private moments that I've made public. However this was the beginning of a long term fascination with human relationships. Nearly all my work since has focussed on love and relationships, and has explored intimacy in some form.

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