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Privacy policy

We respect you privacy, and we won't spam you.
If you are curious about how we use your data, keep reading below.

What information is being collected?
Landscape Stories use Google Analytics to track how the website is used; it will help us to improve it on a daily basis.
When you subscribe our newletter we collect the information you provide in the form: email, name, surname, email and you subscription preferences.

Who is collecting it?
Landscape Stories team, and if you need more information we will be happy to answer.

How is it collected?
Data are stored on a Google server for both analytics and data collect from the subscribe form.

Why is it being collected?
Data collected by Google Analitics will be used to improve the usability of the magazine.
Data that are collected from the subscribe form are used to contact our subscribers, people who like photography and that want to stay connected with us.
Occasionally we send mail to promote our activities like workshop and exhibitions.

How will it be used?
When a new issue of Landscape Stories is published, we send an email to inform our subscribers. If we organise activities related to photography —like workshop and exhibitions— we will send an email to keep our subscribers updated.

Who will it be shared with?
Data and information we collect are stored on a Google Sheet database.
We use Amazon SES to send our emails.
The website use KirbyCMS and is hosted by

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
As said above we collect data to improve the magazine and promote activities related to it.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
We don't like spam and we hate privacy abuse too. If you think we are not respecting your privacy, feel free to send us your thoughts.