Due to the vast amount of submissions we get on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee a quick reply, nor that the proposed project will be published in Landscape Stories future issues.
At Landscape Stories we make a very rigorous selection of projects fitting into the official issues, so only a very small part of submitted works will be published into the magazine.
All other projects will be published and promoted in our Facebook page with pictures, statements and links.
If you don’t want to have your works in Facebook, please let us know at submission time.

How to submit your photographic works

First, download the project template, unzip it and open the file project.en.txt with a text editor (TextEdit on MacOS or Notepad on Windows).

Follow the instructions to fill the information in the file project.en.txt.

Portfolio images

About 12 pictures from a single body of work, sized at 1080px in height, JPEG format.

Name your folder and picture with your name, surname and project title, following the format of the folder and files provided in the project template:


and label the files with a progressive number, your name, surname and project title like this:


Where to send

Zip the final folder and send it to

We would be happy to receive your book and photo-zine.
Please send an email to for further instructions and information on where to send your copy.