/02 Snow Blind

Pascal Fellonneau

Cold Cold Ground

This series of landscapes were shot in Akureyri, the biggest town in northern Iceland. Located approximately 100 kms south of the polar circle,in a fjord that opens onto the sea of Greenland,it is isolated and far removed from the capital Reykjavik. The climate in December, the time of the year these images were made, prompts its inhabitants into a domestic retreat.

At Akureyri, as I do elsewhere, I relentlessly walked some districts, mainly industrial and/or residential areas at the fringes of the city. An important part of my work explores landscapes in an urban environment in an attempt to reveal the signs and symptoms it contains. My practice consists of striding along, trying to decipher something without quite knowing what it will be. But I keep on until I feel I’ve exhausted the chosen area.