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Roberto Apa and Gabriele Rossi


Tropicool is a documentary work realized in january 2010.
The series is about “Tropical Island”, an enormous dome stands 350 feet tall, and encloses 194 million cubic feet of space located in the heart of DDR. and originally used by Nazi like
a strategic spot for Hitler displacements. The Dome was originally commissioned by CargoLifter AG as a hangar for their heavy-lift airship concept, but their dirigible was never developed, and the company went bankrupt in 2002. The following year, Malaysian Tanjong company purchased the gigantic building and filled it with something never before seen in northeast Germany: tropical paradise.Tropical Island Resort is an artificial exotic island environment which includes a rain forest, beaches, artificial sunlight, palm trees, orchids, and ambient birdsong. A large portion of the south side is made up of transparent panels, allowing natural sunlight to help brighten the interior during the day. The internal temperature is always kept at a comfortable 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit with 50-60% air humidity year-round, regardless of the weather outdoors. Every day at every hour people reach “The Island” to enjoy their slice of Paradise.

www.documentaryplatform.com www.contrasto.it