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Miguel Hahn & Jan-Christoph Hartung

Firearms and soap bubbles

“Firearms and soap bubbles” explores the German milieu of private gun-​ownership. In Germany there are 5,5 Million legally registered weapons in private possession. Most of them are used for recreational shooting, hunting, reenactment and as collectables. The weapon owners are lobbying to keep weapons accessible while the biggest part of the German population doesn’t feel comfortable with such a high number of weapons in society. Despite the fact that most of the guns are not used for self defense, there are parallels to the american weapon “culture”. Inspired by the national rifle association, german gun owners created the German rifle association to defend their interests. American action movies and video-​games have contributed to create attraction to weapons and are a obvious influence to most of our subjects. On the other hand the whole milieu is quite German. It is well organized, focused on technology and takes the hobby very seriously.