/23 Japan

Takaaki Akaishi


“UBRM#000.** ” is a project which started with the arrival of the photobook dummy for “UNBROKEN ROOM,” which was published in 2013.

The photobook dummy is made equivalent in size and paper type to the finalized print to gain better understanding. Inside the photobook dummy none of the contents are printed and the pages are left blank, but the quantity of the papers are the same as the published version, thus it is like a sketch book. Immediately, Akaishi asked artists to copy all the artworks into the photobook dummy. The artists who participated were Yuasa Kanako whose main medium is painting and Masahiro Satsuko who utilizes survey maps and mangas as forms of expression. The photobook dummies were recreated for different purpose and including the original, three prints of the “UNBROKEN ROOM” were created. Every page was copied then framed and were archived as new photographs into the one shelf.

The “UNBROKEN ROOM” created by Kanako Yuasa and Masahiro Satsuko have been passed down to other artists after completion, and have become the material to reproduce new book. The “UBRM#000.** ” will be completed when the methods are repeated and all 22 photobook dummies have been filled.