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Ilaria Turba


JEST originates from Ilaria Turba's exploration of her own family photo archive: five generations of images dating from 1870 to today are the starting point for a visual search that is here presented as installation and performance acts implying an active participation of the visitors.

Photography, manipulated or not, is intertwined with other disciplines like dance, sound and storytelling. The exhibition, involving game and action, offers the viewer a new experience of perceiving and seeing.

JEST is an English word meaning 'playful act, joke'

JEST is a photobook released at the end of 2016 by the Berlin-based publisher Peperoni Books and selected as a 100 photobook in "How We See: Photobooks by Women" a book and reading room curated by 10x10 Photobooks (NY)lauched in october 2018 at The New York Public Library.

In January 2018 the first solo exhibition of JEST was presented at the Museum «l'Atelier» in Nantes (FR).

Instagram: ilariaturba