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Jens Juul


It is the little things that distinguish us as tribes or communities. It is by creating the setting for our lives, establishing traditions, following them, that sets us apart from other groups. Every year people gather close to the city of Roskilde, for Roskilde Festival, the largest culture and music festival in Northern Europe.

Roskilde Festival is an ocean of music and creative outlets, but even before the official opening of the festival grounds, there is a build up for a week in the camping grounds. Here, people start to pour in, have art shows, mini concerts, film showings as well as creating their own Roskilde camp. To many, the camping grounds are the venue of a large part of the combined Roskilde experience. Many have rules for setting up the tents and creating creative camp spaces. Many live with the same group of friends for years. To these groups, each of their ways of doing camp life takes on a life of its own. It becomes a specific way of life with rites and traditions, specific ways of doing things. Of living.

Since I first went to Roskilde, I have been amazed by the many different ways of doing Roskilde that I came across. So I went back with my camera, for a camp life expedition, taking me through a vast variety of ways of life. So here it is are, CAMP.

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