/31 Psychotic Reactions

Stacy Kranitz

From the study on Post Pubescent Manhood

In From the Study On Post Pubescent Manhood Stacy Kranitz went searching for displays of violence that function as catharsis in a group of young men at a dystopian compound in Southern Ohio. She became captivated by a place that allows people to come together to act out aggression away from the confining rules of society. These photographs culminate as an unwieldy archive. Kranitz believes that if she has enough evidence showing that violence can function as an emotional release our society can better understand behavior that might at first glance seem destructive, dissolute and dangerous.

This work is part of a series of projects on the cathartic nature of violence. Other works in the series look at the Last days of legal cockfighting in Louisiana (The Louisiana Cockfighters Manual) and World War II Renactors (Target Unknown)

Instagram: stacy.kranitz