/02 Snow Blind

Persistent, the cold antagonized the lock on the front door. A chill he was unable to shake. The void between love and pain closed, within the same. Begging the melting flakes adhered to window, the pain, framed around the hearth of a man he no longer knew. He fought, for striking moments punctuated the embers fall from each log turning over. A beard of great length had grown for as long as he found this space home, his heart could never find reprieve. Enough and out into the snow, he ventured forth for something more. Refined in pace, single steps at a time, a rhythm of whirlwinds, pumping veins and panting dog in tow. A companion for which his heart sought this night only brought the comfort of solitude. For this man to see, the harsh winter downpour beared no weight on his increasingly doubtful mind. And yet, a curious sight was bestowed as he walked, loyal companion in near his right toe. He found light amidst the dark of snow blind night. A flame burning beyond any his hearth could emanate. Heat, so intense, no house could hold, but only burning in a soul only few could ever know.