/03 The Colour of Memory

Gianluca Gamberini


Gianluca Gamberini is a film man.
His photographs reflect this occupation right from the choice of subjects. The theater wings of his spaces almost look like a surreal puzzle. In the image, the fictitious reality crosses the real space of the warehouse, creating a new reality, which sometimes leads to an abstract effect. These movable, scenographic elements of a fiction allow to simulate reality in a film. Gamberini plays with different reality levels – as in his early photographic work, he focuses on things. People and movement, the film’s peculiar characteristics, are left out here.
Today photography is one of the most complex medium in the visual arts world, and its esthetic strategies are innumerable. But Gamberini does not let himself be blinded by this visual overload: in his images, he poses the old question about the reality and the truth of photography. The image, being itself a fiction, contains classical and ancient elements that belong to the scenographic world of theater. A melancholy theme, which we can take as a metaphor of photography itself.

Peter Weiermair