/14 Portraits
#14 Portraits, Editorial


In this editorial we wished so much to speak to you about the shining beauty and the deep and inquiring glance of the adolescents, about that austere and subtly persuasive of an impoverished nobleman or about the identity expressions of the aristocratic, economical and religious elities. It would have been interesting to expatiate upon the presence of the photographer view as integrant part of the symbolized subject, of the humanistic synthesis of the idealization of the subject and the portrait expressive truth and how it represents the beginning of every style of art. We wished to dwell upon the continuous pictorial influences of authors like Antonello da Messina, Tiziano, El Greco, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Van Eyck or Lucian Freud and how photography tries to suggest its own innovative answers to the open questions of the past portraiture. Further more… of a new authenticity, of the individual characters of August Sander, of environment and society, of the new objectivity, of the absence of emotions present in the aesthetics of the subjects of Thomas Ruff.

We didn’t come out well, we had no time…
Too much desirous and, finally, let you see these portraits.