/11 Wealth
#11 Wealth, Editorial


/wɛlθ/ [welth]

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: money, resources

Synonyms: abundance, affluence, assets, belongings, bounty, cache, capital, cash, clover, commodities, copiousness, cornucopia, dough, estate, fortune, funds, gold, goods, hoard, holdings, lap of luxury, long green, lucre, luxuriance, luxury, means, opulence, pelf, plenitude, plenty, possessions, profusion, property, prosperity, prosperousness, revenue, riches, richness, security, stocks and bonds, store, substance, substantiality, treasure, velvet*, worth

Antonyms: lack, need, poverty, want

(*)Informal/non-formal usage

Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition

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