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Martin Adolfsson

Suburbia Gone Wild

“Photographer Martin Adolfsson’s project Suburbia Gone Wild provides a fascinating window into one of the greatest structural changes of the 21st-century, the rise of the upper middle class in the developing world. Exploring the search for identity among this new strata of society, Adolfsson takes us where they live: the shiny, newly-developed suburbs surrounding the new economic centers of the world.

By focusing on model homes and the suburban landscape, his approach is best described as a combination of positively amusing and awkwardly eerie, as he documents a curious phenomenon that looks more and more like the constructed world of The Truman Show.

The work expands across every continent and includes the suburbs of Bangkok, Shanghai, Bangalore, Cairo, Moscow, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Mexico City. Using a handheld SLR camera, nothing has been lit, removed or altered in any of the photos. By using an assistant to distract Realtors, the artist has shot all of the model homes without supervision of any PR person or sales representative. No permissions or permits have been acquired by any of the developers.”

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[Suburbia Gone Wild(http://suburbiagonewild.com/order-the-book/)